New NASA Plane Fights Noise Pollution

NASA announced the pioneering flight of the all-electric X-57 Maxwell airplane. The X-Plane Program represents 70 years of cutting-edge aircraft development–some aircraft buffs may recall the X-1 Bell and X-15.

While abating aircraft noise itself is not new, the X-57 specifically seeks to reduce noise pollution emissions from the X-57 line of aircraft through new, complex, noise modelling (see images on the site).

Past NASA materials specifically acknowledge the problems arising from noise, for example in space flight, such as noise sickness and reduced task performance due to noise stress. See Human Requirements for Extended Spaceflight.

The X-57 program’s recognition of noise as a fundamental and integrated design issue (not an after-the-fact issue)  and active promotion of noise-reduced designs reflects a global recognition of noise as a serious pollution problem.

Photo Source: NASA