West Chester Pennsylvania Protects Downtown From Noise

Visitors to West Chester, Pennsylvania, this summer can enjoy a more relaxed meal, enjoy a normal conversation outside, and forego the ear plugs increasingly required by illegal vehicle noise.

Mayor Jordan Norley of West Chester and the West Chester Police Department actively launched Operation Quiet-Downtown in late April 2021 to help reduce unnecessary and illegal vehicle noise in the downtown area. The Operation will actively cite vehicle operators who choose to operate illegal motorcycles, illegal vehicles, blast loud music from vehicles, and otherwise interfere with the quality-of-life of residents and visitors to West Chester.

Operation Downtowns Needed Throughout Pennsylvania

West Chester’s Operation Downtown shows that enforcement of Pennsylvania laws to reduce noise is possible if the community simply has the will to do it. No special equipment is required, and enforcement is fair to all persons—community visitors, workers in the downtown, business owners (whose businesses are limited by noisemakers), residents, and even the illegal-vehicle operators (who know their vehicles are illegal but choose to aurally-assault people anyway). No one is limiting any legal activity  by enforcing the noise-related laws because operating these loud vehicles is already illegal (as is buying and selling the illegal exhaust systems).