Shannon Brown, JD, MA

Shannon started his career in national public policy research. Then after spending a number of years in information technology executive management, software development, cybersecurity, and complex data analysis, Shannon obtained a law degree cum laude (graduating in the top 10 of the law school class) and with Law Review publication. His Law Review Note explored the intersection of local government and environmental policy. His law study foci included Constitutional law, environmental law, and land use law.

Shannon has since served as a professor of community development, economic development, and natural resources and as an adjunct professor of law with academic legal publication. Shannon serves on planning commissions and focuses on stabilizing communities, sustainable community development, and neighborliness.

Shannon’s law practice focused on information technology law and sustainable community development law (noise pollution law, nuisance law, neighbor law, food systems, community groups, nonprofit management, community leadership, local government, downtown revitalization, and community policy).

Noise pollution is his passion, and he started

  • to raise awareness of noise pollution,
  • to provide education on the startling number of serious, adverse, health effects linked to noise (which need not be “loud”),
  • to deliver community education programs on noise mitigation,
  • to provide advocacy for those affected by noise pollution, and
  • to develop sound, public policy to mitigate noise pollution.

In his spare time, you will find Shannon covered in dirt from gardening, restoring his backyard to a sustainable and native habitat, reading, or walking in the woods.