• Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Sanctuaries of Silence (2020). Short documentary with Gordon Hempton.
  • George Prochnik, In Pursuit of Silence (2017)—Following his earlier book, a refreshing documentary about noise in our increasingly noisy world. Unlike most documentaries, the film is quiet with peaceful sequences showing quiet interspersed with documentary-style commentary. Well-worth the purchase. See trailer.
  • Jeffrey Scott Gould, Quiet Please (2017). Documentary on misophonia. While not yet recognized as a psychological issue in the US, a basic documentary describing misophonia. See trailer.
  • Noise (2007) (adult content warning). Pseudo-comedy about vigilante action against car alarms in New York City. See trailer.
  • Martin J. Spinelli, Sourdough (1981)—Now hard-to-find, an excellent film on VHS about one man’s quest to find quiet in the Alaskan wilderness. Great cinematography and moving story.